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What’s up with the color?

MacWorldOne of the questions I get from customers as well as people whom are not my customers is… Why does my print job look different than my PDF proof? For the most part it’s not a huge difference, but it could be. There are certain colors that don’t reproduce well when converted from RGB color to CMYK. Most people who design in RGB are either Web designers, using Pantone colors or novices. Novices tend to design in RGB to get the brighter colors then use their software to convert to CMYK. It’s not a crime to design your piece in RGB then convert to CMYK… click here.

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Video Learning Need help using a tool, or figuring something out in your favorite software? We’ve cut through the clutter and brought you some of the best tutorials out there.
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Donovan BeeryPaul Biedermann is a creative professional with proven success developing innovative strategies that transform ideas into intelligent, award-winning solutions. Recent projects include designing the logo and overall branding for a leading candidate in the 2010 Pennsylvania gubernatorial campaign and a Stanford University neurosurgeon’s special project that allows … Click here to see some of Paul’s artwork.

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